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Playlisting made easy

Open Ear Player delivers continually updated music content to your venue. The Player works offline so you won’t be without music if your internet goes down. You can easily lock staff out and choose who has access.

Put together by our experts

Our team of experts have spent years handpicking the best music for businesses. Save time using our curated music library and playlists.

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24/7 scheduling can be set for every venue using our simple calendar tool. You can set a weekly template, but also schedule specific days in advance - perfect for seasonal events, group bookings etc.

Energy Slider

The Energy Slider allows you to create new playlists in realtime based on how upbeat or downbeat you’d like the music to be. Users can choose their energy level and a new playlist will be created automatically from your assigned music.

Manage Your Music

Create your own playlists from our music library or mix and match playlists from our huge selection, all designed for business. The library is updated daily with all key releases.

Multiple Venues

Managers can control multiple venues from any location. Group scheduling for special events is quick and easy. Permissions can be restricted so that only trusted staff and the Open Ear team have access.

Spotify Importer

Unfortunately Spotify is not licensed for business usage. You can easily convert your Spotify playlists to Open Ear and ensure you remain on the right side of the law.


Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other domestic music platforms are not licensed for business use. Open Ear provides your with a fully licensed business music service via the PRS and PPL. Please note - to play copyrighted music, all businesses are required to pay annual performance licences to both organisations regardless of the source of music.

Open Ear Manager mobile app

Allow your managers to become the DJ, controlling the music and volume from any mobile phone. Perfect for when the hardware is located out of reach.


Open Ear Player App runs on Windows, Android and Apple (iOS/OSX) devices. Eliminate hardware costs completely by using an existing device (subject to minimum specification requirements).

Open Ear Music Console

Out-the-box plug and play solution. We deliver direct to site with the track library fully downloaded. Laminated instructions are included and we either visit site or arrange a call to demo.

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