Open Ear Case Study

The Deckers Group

Earlier this year we started working with The Deckers Group, a well-established, family-run collection of boutique hotels, restaurants and wedding venues in the North West. Individuality and quality produce are key at each of their five sites, so alongside preparing their own meats in their own butchery, The Deckers Group need to be sure that the music in each site is perfect at all times.

After experiencing problems with an inflexible - and expensive - background music provider, the company came to us to find a solution for their unique music requirements. As Richard Stansfield, The Deckers Group’s MArketing Manager told us himself, “We love it. It’s much more simplistic and versatile than what we had before across all the sites. It is also much more cost effective.”

Cenetta.jpeg Cenetta Ristorante

Previously, The Deckers Group found it incredibly difficult and frustrating to create their own playlists and schedules. In such unique venues, whether restaurants, hotels or their wedding venues, the company knows the importance of an effective music delivery system with intuitive controls that make playlisting and scheduling music easy and efficient:

“With the Open Ear Platform we can have complete control over the musical identity of each of our sites. Where before we had no way of picking tracks for each specific site, with Open Ear we can get the staff engaged in making recommendations that they feel are appropriate for the site they work at. Open Ear has that flexibility in that we can use your existing playlists as well as adapt them ourselves by adding and taking out tracks. We can then add these playlists to your scheduler to be played at specific times of the day in certain sites which is very important to us. No system we used previously allowed us to do that.”

peacockroom.jpeg The Peacock Room

The company have also been able to engage their staff in the playlisting process, listening to their recommendations for each site and allowing them to contribute tracks to the playlists:

“We have our own private Facebook Group for the staff to leave suggestions. Since we have signed up with Open Ear they leave recommendations on there for songs and tracks they feel would be suited to the venue they work at. Your database of songs is very extensive, however you are always great at adding music that we request if we can’t find it.”

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