Open Ear Case Study



Open Ear work with world-renowned department store Selfridges in their London, Birmingham and Manchester sites. Selfridges music is responsive to their ever-changing retail environment, updated frequently with the latest releases, and containing a selection of music that is in-tune with the brand’s they work with and their customer tastes.

Selfridges have four sites in the UK, their iconic flagship store on Oxford Street in London, two stores in Manchester and one in Birmingham. Differences in customer demographics across each location, meant that there was a requirement for each store’s music to reflect regional tastes as well as daily activity.

What We Did

Music is a crucial part of the Selfridges brand DNA and working with Open Ear in a collaborative way. We assigned a dedicated playlist team who work directly with both the Selfridges creative department and the local visual merchandisers to ensure the playlists are performing perfectly in each outlet. We allow these stakeholders anytime access via the Open Ear platform so they can keep on top of changes and frequently feedback to us. Using their administrator access to the Open Ear platform allowed them to feedback on new playlists, and the simple scheduling tools allow playlists to be trialled and amended in real time

Key stakeholders from visual mechanising were given access to Open Ear Manager app on their mobiles so that they could instantly feedback on any songs they didn’t like, helping us fine tune the song selection.

Technical Set-Up

We installed our custom-built hardware in 50 individual outlets with less than ten days turnaround time. Once installed, department managers can remote control with the Open Ear Manager app, giving them a simple way of feeding back to us about the tracks they dislike or like.


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