Open Ear Case Study

Oakman Inns


Oakman Inns are an award-winning gastropub group with more than twenty locations in and around Oxfordshire, and are the UK’s fastest growing pub group outside London

When Oakman approached Open Ear, the restaurant section of their business was not performing to the same level as the bar areas. The sites were attracting large numbers to their bar areas but it was felt that this atmosphere was compromising the dining experience. They wanted to address the balance and place more emphasis on the higher-end restaurant environment.

What We Did

After initial consultation, Open Ear conducted a ‘before and after’ study, whereby various types of music were played and takings compared over a number of weekends. When the staff selection of chart pop was played, the bar took significantly less than when a more on-brand selection of soul, funk and jazz - which was curated specifically for their stylish, aspirational, target demographic - was played. The restaurant areas were busier and higher end food and drink items were purchased. This yielded a significantly higher revenue intake and lead to Oakman achieving their return on investment within one weekend.

The results of the study helped Open Ear define the overarching musical identity for the brand. We created a number of bespoke playlists designed to create the best atmosphere during different periods throughout the day and specific to each location.

Technical Set-Up

We use the Open Ear Player platform to schedule and deliver playlists direct to site. Oakman use their existing office PCs to run the Player, eliminating any hardware costs.


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