Open Ear Case Study

Mondrian Hotel

Situated on the banks of the River Thames in the famed Sea Containers building, the Mondrian Hotel is a new landmark hotel on London’s famous Southbank. The Mondrian is owned by Morgans Hotel Group, the US chain who also run the Sanderson and St Martins Lane Hotels in central London. Open Ear work across all three hotels providing bespoke playlists to multiple outlets in each.

Music is crucial to the Mondrian, with the award winning Tom Dixon-designed lobby feeding into the Sea Containers restaurant, Dandelyan bar, Rumpus Room rooftop cocktail bar and ‘70s themed spa. We worked with the management, alongside the operations, marketing and IT departments to deliver a unique musical experience throughout the hotel. Our objective was for all the areas within the hotel to have a separate musical identity, while working together and complementing each other as a cohesive whole, as per the hotel brand identity.

Subtly inspired by transatlantic travel and late ‘70s and early ‘80s design, the lobby playlist centres around music created in New York during that era, with lines drawn between late disco, early hip-hop, punk funk, reggae, dub and Latin/Afro rhythms.

The Mondrian lobby interior flows seamlessly into the Sea Containers restaurant with a variation on the lobby’s design and theme. Modern day soul and funk sits alongside classic blues and reggae, creating the perfect atmosphere throughout both areas.

Rumpus Room offers the best views of London, so the music here changes with the seasons and leans towards old school hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul.

The Agua Spa and Bathhouse is a different proposition altogether, incorporating a ‘70s/’80s theme, vintage ambient music, kosmische and early electronic compositions to create a subversive, yet functional, unique spa environment.

All music hardware is positioned out of sight, and the outlet GMs use the Open Ear Manager App to control their playlists during service. This also gives the Mondrian team a simple and direct means of feeding back to us at all times.

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