Scottish Album of the Year – The Long List

+-*The Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards released their long list of nominated albums at the end of April, and since then they’ve been streaming the albums on their website. We have a bit of a connection with the SAY Awards after our very own Brian d’Souza’s music making alter-ego, Auntie Flo, was nominated […]

Can music make in-flight meals taste good?

+-*Recent research at Cornell University, and published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, has drawn new light on something we’ve covered before; the link between aural perception and sense of taste. By taking loud environments like those found in aeroplane cabins, they discovered that certain tastes were enhanced, some were subdued, […]

Global Crate Digging Playlist

+-*Our entire team are crate diggers both in the digital world and in the old school world of dusk and grime. We’re also Global travellers who love to immerse ourselves in musical culture no matter where we are. As the man behind Auntie Flo, as well as being our MD, Brian d’Souza is recognised more […]

New Music – May

+-*              Peter Broderick – Colours Of The Night (Bella Union) While his last album took three years to make, with the help of Nils Frahm no less, this latest was borne out of a three week residency in Lucerne, Switzerland. Recorded with local musicians as a backing band, and […]

Music in Public Space

+-*After reading this article we got to thinking about buskers and how they provide music in public spaces, much like we do. Like our own industry, we recognise that there’s quite a range in style and quality and we started thinking about the best street performances and performers we’ve seen; those who push boundaries, look […]

Press your own Picture Disk

+-*Every good record shop will have some innovative moment, event, or premise at some point, it’s the nature of the beast at a time when setting yourself apart seems to be more and more important for drawing in the crowds. The good people at Sonic Boom in Toronto have developed a niche we haven’t seen […]

This one goes up to 11…

+-*Ever been at an event where you wish they’d turn the sound up another notch? It’s a problem that’s becoming more frequent as inner-city space becomes more precious and residential properties begin to creep into the back streets  that up until now were left to clubs, late night bars, and takeaways. Those new residents want […]

New Music – April

+-*  Errors – Lease of Life (Rock Action) Now on album number four and a stalwart of the Rock Action label, behind only long in the tooth label heads Mogwai, Errors have their sound down and do what they do with confidence and aplomb. It’s notable that Lease of Life is not prefixed with the […]

Introducing: Open Ear Player

+-*Three years in the making, Open Ear is extremely excited to present the ‘Open Ear Player’ –  the intelligent playlisting platform for businesses. As innovative as it is intuitive, it’s designed specifically for bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels, spas, and more. We will be demoing the platform at a special launch event on Monday 20th April […]

MixSCAN monetises samples

+-*It should be taken as read that we’re keen to share new and interesting music around, particularly music that isn’t often well served by more mainstream outlets. We don’t just do it with Open Ear either, as anyone who has caught DJ mixes and radio shows we’ve been involved in will know. Unfortunately, we all […]