Is this the universal purpose of music?

+-*Is the universal purpose of music to help us overcome cognitive dissonance? One scholar, Leonid Perlovsky, has suggested this may be the case. Cognitive Dissonance is the stress or unease that comes with processing competing and contradictory information. It’s often related to when we learn new things that act in opposition to our already acquired […]

Here: New Tech gives you control over real world EQ

+-*            Ever wanted to drown out an irritating noise in a public environment but not lose touch with your surroundings? Perhaps you’re deep in conversation, or someone has created a really great playlist in the café you’re in. Doppler Labs may have the product for you and it’s called Here. […]

New Music this Month – July

+-*            Villagers – Darling Arithmetic (Domino) This was released a month or two ago, but we’ve just got our hands on it and it’s been worth the wait. Ever since taking breaths away with the immediate intimacy of Becoming a Jackal, Villagers have been a go to for us when we’re […]

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton…

+-*Well this looks painful… A thrift shop in San Diego, California has had it’s 2nd floor collapse under the weight of all the vinyl they had in storage. The entire mezzanine level came down over night, and while the movies suggest that Cali. will flatten if there’s a big earthquake, we suspect their buildings are […]

New Music – June

+-*            Eska – ESKA (Naim Edge) As a former session musician performing with greats like Tony Allen, Grace Jones, and Bobby McFerrin, and recently tipped for a Mercury Prize nomination by Open Ear favourite Gilles Peterson, Eska’s debut solo album should pique interest. Having lost her sense of artistic self […]

Test your musical memory

+-*After we discussed the Silent Disco for science held in Manchester over the weekend we promised another MOSI story this week and here it is. You can help science by playing a game that tests your ability to identify tracks. Sounds simple, right? The test will hopefully show how different parts of songs are more […]

Dance (quietly) for science!

+-*If you’re in Manchester this weekend then the place to be is definitely the Museum of Science and Industry who are holding a Silent Disco with a twist. First off, it’s completely family friendly which sets it apart from the usual Freshers’ Week shenanigans usually associated with the headphone-based parties. Second, it’s all in the […]

Scottish Album of the Year – The Long List

+-*The Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards released their long list of nominated albums at the end of April, and since then they’ve been streaming the albums on their website. We have a bit of a connection with the SAY Awards after our very own Brian d’Souza’s music making alter-ego, Auntie Flo, was nominated […]

Can music make in-flight meals taste good?

+-*Recent research at Cornell University, and published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, has drawn new light on something we’ve covered before; the link between aural perception and sense of taste. By taking loud environments like those found in aeroplane cabins, they discovered that certain tastes were enhanced, some were subdued, […]