+-*You may remember a while ago we shared a game that tested your memory for musical recall. It was a part of an on-going experiment conducted in tandem with the Manchester based Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). 150,000 people have now played the game, and it has been announced that the nations more recognised […]

Listen here: Feel no pain…

+-*Did you know that music helps pain reduction for hospital patients before, during, and after surgery? A recent review by researchers at Queen Mary University London reviewed 70 trials and studies involving pain reduction and music and discovered that the results were overwhelmingly positive. Their review has had an important impact already; the Department of […]

Tune in… with your elbows?

+-*Sound waves are so old fashioned, don’t you think? But what other choice to we have? In a KFC in Bloemfontein, South Africa there is another option… use your elbows. No, we’re serious and so are the designers who have installed some rather creative technology into the tables of the most forward looking fast-food restaurant […]

New Music – August

+-*            Silkie – Fractals (Anarchostar) Coming out of the Grime and Dubstep scenes, Silkie has always been known for producing something a little more funky than the genres he’s most closely in touch with while keeping a marked heavy bass sound. While this results in a style that’s hard to […]

What your record collection says about you…

+-*What kind of person are you, personality wise? Are you empathetic, where you like to work with people and deal in emotions; or are you a systemiser who prefers to deal with objects and plans? If you make them a mix-tape some researchers at Cambridge University might be able to work it out without speaking […]

Is this the universal purpose of music?

+-*Is the universal purpose of music to help us overcome cognitive dissonance? One scholar, Leonid Perlovsky, has suggested this may be the case. Cognitive Dissonance is the stress or unease that comes with processing competing and contradictory information. It’s often related to when we learn new things that act in opposition to our already acquired […]

Here: New Tech gives you control over real world EQ

+-*            Ever wanted to drown out an irritating noise in a public environment but not lose touch with your surroundings? Perhaps you’re deep in conversation, or someone has created a really great playlist in the café you’re in. Doppler Labs may have the product for you and it’s called Here. […]

New Music this Month – July

+-*            Villagers – Darling Arithmetic (Domino) This was released a month or two ago, but we’ve just got our hands on it and it’s been worth the wait. Ever since taking breaths away with the immediate intimacy of Becoming a Jackal, Villagers have been a go to for us when we’re […]

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton…

+-*Well this looks painful… A thrift shop in San Diego, California has had it’s 2nd floor collapse under the weight of all the vinyl they had in storage. The entire mezzanine level came down over night, and while the movies suggest that Cali. will flatten if there’s a big earthquake, we suspect their buildings are […]