Open Ear working with The Office Group

We are extremely excited to be working with The Office Group who currently have five locations across central London. We have been consulting with them to create a musical identity for their ‘Club Room‘ spaces, available for freelancers and SMEs who like to hot desk. The Office Group identified that their sonic environment was creating a massive issue for the working environment: the spaces were ‘silent’ meaning that every telephone call, conversation or interruption was broadcast across the whole space and proving to be a major distraction for those working in it. Open Ear conducted a survey to poll members on their desire to have music in the spaces and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Many of us enjoy working with music in the background, and I suspect we all feel like it’s doing us some good. However, the benefits of working to music are rarely made explicit. Thankfully, here at Open Ear Music we’ve done our research and can fill you in on what you might gain with a little bit of rhythm in the air.

Listening to music while you work can help improve your focus and attention to detail, as well as help you get through repetitive tasks faster. Your memory should improve too, and when you work in a group your focus and attention will synchronise more easily with the rest of the group, aiding collaboration. So why not stick Spotify on and have done with it? Because unfamiliar music is better for you, that’s why. Music you either really like or really dislike is far more likely to adversely impact on your concentration.

Following the survey, Open Ear created a bespoke musical identity for the group, delivering content to each location using our MusicManager platform. We fully believe this will lead to a much more focussed and productive working environment and initial signs are extremely positive!